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Hello and welcome to The Clocktower website!!

  • 4000sq foot church bell tower

  • 20 mins on train from victoria, london bridge, clapham and whitechapel

  • easily accessed by car

  • free street parking

  • Off street parking for one car

  • outside congestion zone

  • shoot times from 1 hr

  • 20% of if happy to share with second party

  • lighting and equip included in price

  • hot and cold drinks provided

  • wet shoots ok

  • 2 bed

  • 3 bath, one rolltop-clawfoot, one jacuzzi

  • 2 grand pianos

  • 2 outdoor locations

  • gym

  • dressing makeup room

  • 40 ft windows in belfry


My name is Annabella, I am an experienced photographic studio/location owner, as well as a designer, furniture up cycler, blogger, trainee MUA and writer.

You may have worked with me at one of my previous studios Towerbridge Penthouse, Shoreditch Townhouse or Longacre Studio over the last 5 years.

The Clocktower studio is my latest baby! Not only is this my beautiful home but my creative space, but a design workshop, up cycling haven, a photographic studio, filming location and event venue for my projects. always looking to host and get involved in other people visions too!

This unique location boasts unparalleled panoramic views of London’s skyline. The Clock Towers gothic style English bell tower was constructed as part of a church in 1861 and was converted into the domestic property in the 1990s following an arson attack.


The property comprises of a large modern kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, a models dressing/MUA area, a large impressive entrance hall with baby grand piano a garden and roof terrace as well as a fully functioning lift.


Perhaps the most impressive room in this house is the old belfry with 40 foot high windows. Talk about natural light!


The Clock Tower is based in the heart of south east London and can be reached within 20-25 minutes from London Bridge, Victoria and Clapham Junction.


I am incredibly excited about this new venture, so to be kept updated about our developments stop by regularly and join our twitter, instagram and Facebook

I hope to be working with you soon!


Photo 28-02-2019, 17 10 01.jpg

1. Booking Confirmation and Payment Terms

1a. A booking is considered as confirmed after The clocktower studio received payment in full

 2. Booking times

2a. Bookings times start as per confirmed time and if a client is late, booking fees are incurred from the agreed booking time.

3. Set Up and Take down time

3a. Clients must include set up and take down/clean up time within the hours booked, to avoid overtime charges.

4. Cleaning & leaving the studio in reasonable state

4a. Studio or venue space must be left in reasonable state at the end of clients booking to avoid additional cleaning charges

4b. For events and large shoots with 10+ people, we have a standard cleaning charge of £50-£100 (rate to be agreed prior to booking and is depending on size and nature of the booking, and space being booked). The cleaning charge is based on leaving the space in reasonable state and a higher rate is chargeable if the space is left particularly dirty. Any additional cleaning charges are taken out of security deposit payments.

5. Number of Attendees.

5a. Clients must abide by booking requirements agreed in advance for total number of attendee. As our rates are dependant on total number attendees, an increase may incur relevant additional charges.

5b. We have a Maximum number of attendees which depend on space being hired and this is to be advised prior to bookings. The specified maximum attendees must not be exceeded for security and safety reasons and we reserve the right to refuse entry or terminate a booking if a venue space is at capacity.

6. Security Deposit

6a. For events and large shoots with 20+ people, we have a Holding/Security Deposit of £150-£500 (rate to be agreed prior to booking and is depending on size and nature of the booking, and space being booked). The security deposit will be returned at the end of the booking (minus any deductions due to damage, additional cleaning fee, additional attendees or overtime).

6b. Security deposits are held as security against breach of terms and the full amount will be lost if any stated terms are breached by the client or their guests.

7. Minors

7a. Clients must ensure that all minors under the age of 16 are always accompanied by a chaperone. Minors must have parent's or guardian’s permission to be at our premises, and/or to be photographed or filmed as relevant.

8. Use of Equipment

8a. If your booking comes with lighting, sound or other equipment, all equipment used must be returned promptly at the end of the hire period in the original condition, and the client is liable for repair or replacement cost for any missing or damaged equipment.

8b. Clients may not without the written consent of The clocktower studios remove the equipment from the studio premises; modify or alter or tamper with the equipment in any way; use the equipment in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer; nor allow the equipment to be used by any untrained or unauthorised personnel.

8c. Any required equipment, prop or studio booking add-ons must be requested and added to booking in advance to ensure availability. We cannot guarantee the availability of any equipment or prop where it has not been specifically requested, confirmed and added to your booking (listed in booking confirmation email within inclusive extras section).

9. Breakages, Losses and Damages

9a. Clients are responsible for any breakages, losses or damages caused to the premises or equipment by the client, or any other person(s) during booking time.

9b. All equipment used is at the risk of the client and The clocktower studio shall not be liable to the client for any loss, damage, expense, or for any consequential loss (including loss of profit) arising out of or in connection with; any damage to or loss of property by the client or third party; any breakdown, stoppage or failure of the facilities/equipment provided by The clocktower studio

9c. Alterations or an addition to our premises or equipment is not permitted without prior written consent.

9d. Clients must check any equipment provided and must notify the clocktower london at the time of supply if equipment is damaged or if the condition of the equipment is not acceptable. The client is responsible for any breakages or damage if The clocktower London was not notified at the time of supply.

10. Booking Changes and Cancellations

10a. Studio hire booking times can be changed with RE-BOOKING FEES as stated below, which depend on notice time provided:
• 7 days (168 hours) or more notice time provided (from start time of booking): Rebooking fee equal to 10% of total booking fee.
• Less than 7 days and more than 3 days (168 hours to 72 hours) notice time provided (from start time of booking): Rebooking fee equal to 25% of total booking fee.
• Less than 3 days (72 hours) notice time provided (from start time of booking): Rebooking fee equal to 50% of total booking fee. 

10b. All cancellations above this time period are eligible for rebooking but never refund

11. Termination

11a. The clocktower Studios may terminate any booking or hire contract if the client is found to be in breach of any of the terms and conditions.

12. Noise

12a. Speakers are provided and Music can be played inside premises at a moderate and reasonable (at discretion of The clocktower Studios). Noise levels outside of our premises must be kept to a reasonable level during bookings. Clients are asked to consider other occupants and neighbour residents when using our facilities.

12b. Music must be turned off by 11pm and noise levels must be minimised to a low and reasonable level after this time in order to not disrupt or cause inconvenience to nearby neighbours

13. Littering and Waste Disposal.

13a. Clients must not litter and drop waste on the inside or outside of our premises, and must put all litter in internal bins or in specified rubbish and recycling skips which are located outside of our premises. Additional bin bags will be provided and clients are responsible for ensuring all waste is disposed off and outside spaces are kept clean and litter free. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

14. Piano

The piano situated on the ground floor is not to be laid upon under any circumstances and jewellery or clothing which would cause scratches is not permitted whilst posing. 

15. Baby oil

Baby oil is not allowed to be used at all whilst on the premises 

16. Variations

16b These Terms and Conditions are valid at time of booking and are subject to variation. Clients will be notified of any variations prior to booking.

17. Applicable Law

17a. The laws of the United Kingdom shall govern all agreements.

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