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Meet Danielle Gardiner!


Hello one and all!

I hope that everyone is keeping happy and healthy despite the current global meltdown....

I am kicking off the clocktower blog with the first of a series of interviews with some of the wonderful people I have the pleasure to meet with.

Today I have the absolute pleasure of chatting you Danielle Gardiner of The Official Curve Squad fame.... she has been kind enough to share with us some juicy details about her life and career as well as some great advice for anyone looking to follow in her awesome shoes...



Quick round

Age: 31

Nationality: White British Height: 5ft 8 Vital stats: 47-41-55 Eye colour: Green Fave food: No specific food. Fave drink: Alcoholic; Disaronno and coke. Soft drink; Sprite. Fave colour: None really. All I wear is black lol. Fave holiday destination: Dominican Republic Star sign: Aquarius Spirit animal: Wolf Fave music genre: Rnb Biggest phobia: Masks and clowns Favourite thing: my children (not things but you know what I mean lol)



Hello Danielle! How are you today?

I’m great thank you.

So tell us a little bit about yourself..

I’m 31, a single mother of 2 and a model. I also help run a body confidence and modelling company that helps women feel great about themselves, love who they are and pursue their dream to be a model.

When you’re not modelling, what are you doing for fun? I spend most of my time with my two children, friends and family.

I work a lot while the children are at school and nursery running an events company. So my life is a big juggle.

You have shot with us here at The Clocktower Studio London. Did you enjoy yourself? I absolutely loved it. I’ve actually shot at the Clocktower twice. It’s a beautiful place and I love the atmosphere and of course you. I always feel at ease and enjoy being in a studio that’s not set up like the standard white studios.

What was your favourite set to shoot on at the clocktower? The blue sofa. We created some amazing images for Figleaves using that sofa.

How did you get into the industry? I won a modelling competition with Ms Curvaceous Uk. This boosted my confidence and allowed me to build a portfolio to start approaching brands and agencies. I get most of my work through my Instagram where brands can see my images.

Apart from shooting here of course (lol), tell us another story in your career that really stands out for you? The first time I walked the runway for Curve Fashion festival. I was terrified I would fall over lol. I walked for some major retail brands and at the end of the day felt on top of the world. I have now walked for The curve fashion festival for the last 4 years.

Any funny stories/disasters? I've actually been lucky enough to not have any disasters yet (touch wood)

Any regrets?

None at all. Modelling has changed my world. It’s allowed me to build my confidence, beat a domestic violence relationship, be a better mother and role model to my two children, build amazing long lasting friendships and most of all be happy.

What advice would you have for anyone hoping to follow in your footsteps? to be prepared to work extremely hard and never give up. You’re going to be judged solely on how you look so you’re going to need a thick skin. You’re going to get rejected so just keep pushing forward. But it’s worth it. And make sure you enjoy your experience.

Who inspires you in the industry? do you have any general life role models? I don’t have any specific people in the industry who inspire me. I see a lot of women progressing in their careers which is amazing, but I like to think I can create my own path and do something different.

What is your beauty/exercise/diet routine to keep you in shoot shape? I go to the gym at least twice a week, I would like to attend more but it’s so hard to juggle time. I have my nails done, pedicures and lashes done every two weeks. I have facials once a month but have a strict skin care routine everyday to keep my skin clean, clear and healthy. Diet wise I try to eat clean healthy food most of the time, but I do treat myself with a takeaway every now and then.

So what interesting have you got coming up? I am partnering  with Savage X Fenty to create some amazing content, I have a few shoots booked in and I’ve recently been signed by Gingersnap Modelling agency, so hopefully some new opportunities.

What/who would be your dream shoot? I would love to shoot abroad, on a beautiful beach. I would also love to do an underwater shoot, that would be amazing.

What is the funniest fact or statistic you know? Boring me but I actually don’t know anything that interesting lol.

Do you have a party trick?

Nope, just me being me lol.

Name something on your bucket list

To travel the world with my two children, sharing amazing experiences.

I also would love to sky dive.



Too hot or too cold- too hot Morning lark or night owl- night owl Night in or night out- night in Music or movie- music Heels or flats- flats Boots or shoes- shoes Beach or pool- beach Cats or dogs-  cats Coke or pepsi- coke Tea or coffee- neither yuck lol Comedy or weepy- comedy


Thank you so much Danielle for taking the time to talk to us, we can't wait to see you again!


To keep up to date with all Danielle's latest info and images be sure to follow her instagram. For business proposals contact either Direct or via her Agent

Instagram- @danielle_curve_model

Agency - @gingersnapmodels

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